Terms and conditions.
AntiSpam policy.
Regulations for the use of White Image services
WHITE IMAGE LOYALTY SRL provides certain services related to the facilitation of e-mail marketing and sms marketing activities.

Compliance with the Regulation is a condition of use of the system owned by White Image and is valid for the prohibition of spamming.

The user has no right to use the system owned by White Image, to send unsolicited emails ("spam"), whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Emails from the User's database are considered unsolicited if the subscriber's addresses are not fully approved by the User's subscribers. If the User has obtained the email addresses through the harvesting procedure, or bought them, or has another list of subscribers (even with the approval of the owner of the list), or if he has made the respective list by any other method than by subscription direct of its subscribers, then the emails sent to the respective subscribers are considered unsolicited (so they are not received by the subscribers by their option, therefore it is considered to be "spam").

If White Image receives complaints that the User sends unsolicited commercial or non-commercial emails (ie "spamming"), in addition to any other rights that White Image may have under the Contract and under applicable law, White Image may - at his discretion - to suspend the services of the User until his reconfirmation of the whole list of subscribers. This reconfirmation may be requested by White Image in any way it may deem reasonable, including but not limited to sending a unique email to all subscribers in the list, requesting confirmation of their wish to keep the subscription on the list. said.

White Image agrees to make reasonable commercial efforts to contact the designated list administrator by email or telephone before suspending the service. Before sending the message for reconfirmation to the User's subscribers, White Image must request the User's consent. However, if the User does not consent to the Agency contacting its subscribers for reconfirmation, White Image may order the termination of this Agreement.

If White Image establishes in good faith that it has been spammed, in addition to any other rights that fall to it under this Agreement and the legislation in force, White Image issues a single warning sent to the Client requesting termination of activity respectively, and if the spamming activity continues, White Image may initiate legal action at a competent court to prohibit such activity (understanding that such activity may cause White Image irreparable damages) that cannot be fully compensated. by payment of damages, White Image may recover from the User the pecuniary losses caused.

Other uses unacceptable by the Customer:

You may not use the White List Manager system for hosting subscriber lists for the following purposes:

1. Sending emails from "From:" senders or "Reply-to:" recipients that are not valid. All messages sent to subscribers in the User's lists must contain valid email addresses, and the User must respond to all reply messages from subscribers in his lists, including unsubscribe requests. It has no right to refuse or ignore unsubscribe requests from subscribers in its lists

2. Also, the User has no right to harass, threaten, put in embarrassing situations or cause inconvenience, to insist or to create discomfort to any natural or legal person.

3. You have no right to display or transmit sexually explicit images or any other content that White Image considers offensive.

4. It has no right to transmit any element of content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene or hateful, as well as any content element implying racism, anti-ethnicity or against it. may object in any way, or which may infringe rights of third parties, as deemed by the Agency.

5. You have no right to assume the identity of any false person and you cannot communicate under a false name or a name that you have no right to use.

6. Has no right to intentionally or unintentionally violate any legislative act

Confirmation of subscriber quality:
The user has the obligation to use a subscription method with "double option" (ie both subscription and confirmation) for all new subscribers on the list. The confirmation email sent by the Client to the new subscribers may not include calls or requests (calls-to-action) other than the request to confirm the subscription. If you are importing new subscribers who have not confirmed (ie subscribers who have only completed one of the two subscription steps) or if you include advertising messages or any other requests (calls-to-action) in the confirmation message, then it should be kept in mind that this is done at the User's risk and that, if there are spamming claims, White Image reserves the right to proceed in the manner explained in the section entitled "Prohibition of spamming".

Ounsubscribe management

All messages to all subscribers in the list must also include unsubscribe instructions in the body of the message footer, so that subscribers can unsubscribe on their own.

The owners of the lists must respond to the requests received from the subscribers to be manually removed from the lists, with politeness and promptness. The user should not ignore the personal emails he receives regarding the unsubscribe from his lists. Even if the unsubscribe request from the subscriber is aggressive, threatening or rude in any other way, the User must nevertheless try to help the respective user to unsubscribe from the respective list and solve the problem.

Infringement of the Regulations
If the User violates the provisions of these Regulations, White Image has the right at its discretion to delete the User's list from its server and to cancel the User's right to use the White Image services. List owners must bear in mind that they are responsible for the behavior of the subscribers on their lists.

Respecting privacy

White Image is committed to respecting the privacy of the User and his subscribers

1. White Image treats private communication on or through the White List Manager system for hosting subscriber lists with strict confidentiality.

2. For the protection of the White Image User he strongly recommends that he never give his subscribers a list.
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