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ON-DEMAND E-MARKETING PLATFORM - Before we offer you solutions, we indentify the problem  Andrei Georgescu, Managing Partner

Lately, an increasing number of printed newspapers is transferred online, which creates a number of advantages for the publishers who can have, in the current context, higher control on the relevance of the delivered content, and on the fast delivery of important news, which can thus create a much higher competitive advantage. Furthermore, the automatic management of subscription renewal reminders can lead to a decrease in the promotion expenses.
White Image provides a number of tools designed to improve the publishers’ presence online:
- the full integration of the sent newsletters, due to the fact that the content of the site can automatically be taken over, thus ensuring the delivery of the latest news in due time
- the delivery of relevant content based on the preferences expressed by subscribers, which means that the White Image system can send newsletters adapted to each person’s interest; for example, it is possible to send only sports news to those who are only interested in the sports section, and stock exchange-related news from the stock exchange section to those who are only interested in stock exchanges.
- generating additional traffic by sharing content in social media and the possibility to use advance monitoring
- automatic messages such as subscription renewal reminders
- an acquisition system for new subscriptions to the printed editions, accompanied by discount automatic calculation functionalities based on the length of the customer quality and of other  discount rules, as well as by the automatic generation of contracts and proforma invoices.


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