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ON-DEMAND E-MARKETING PLATFORM - Before we offer you solutions, we indentify the problem  Andrei Georgescu, Managing Partner
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Do you represent a tourism, an auto, a medical services or a financial/banking services company? We offer the most suitable solutions for areas where you operate.
Taking part into test drives, buy back, material recycling are actions any automotive dealer wishes to optimize with the purpose of generating the best conversion ...
The lead and communication management in the B2B area presents several peculiarities that may lead to the success or failure of a campaign. White Image B2B helps you manage strategic decisions in an ...
Banking and financial services
The financial services and currently confronted with strong pressures from the legislative environment, with the purpose of providing more accurate and more detailed information to clients. At the ...
Events & training
The training and events industry is currently confronted with increasing pressure generated by the decrease of many clients’ budgets. This financial pressure leads to the necessity of ...
Delivering customized messages, the brand notoriety, clearly and creatively highlighting branding elements are critical when it cones to making a difference in Inbox. The strategy and creation ...
Media & Advertising
Communicate with those who are interested in the media spaces, earn your clients’ trust by presenting your most relevant works, and monitor their interest in your work.   White Image ...
Medical services
In the medical area, the most significant problem is probably the lack of information or contradictory information. Any patient or client searches for relevant information, information which ...
Lately, an increasing number of printed newspapers is transferred online, which creates a number of advantages for the publishers who can have, in the current context, higher control on the relevance ...
Customers are currently more sophisticated, more careful in relation to the shops from which they purchase, they analyse much more offers before making a purchase decision, and they compare prices ...
The competition for the increase in the clients’ loyalty in the telecom area is increasingly strong, and the anticipation of the most suitable offer based the acquisition history and on the ...
Targeting clients and sending the most relevant offers for each segment plays a critical role in the tourism industry. The management of relevant messages may range from targeting demographic ...

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Noii abonati sunt cei care au probabilitatea cea mai mare de a genera vanzari. De aceea atragerea permanenta de noi leaduri devine un element critic pentru cresterea business-ului.
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