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Social media tracking & integration

Social media is viewed by many as a free of charge communication channel, because the tools provided for use do not cost anything. Furthermore, those who used these tools for the first time used them out of the pleasure of sharing and in order to keep up with the latest trends. However, at the commercial level, the use of social media channels must lead to easily quantifiable and cash convertible results.
White Image is one of the few email marketing service suppliers in the world that allows for the most advanced social media integration, providing a full set of functionalities able to allow users to share the content of the social media messages received in an easy manner, and allowing marketers to monitor the impact generated by these social media messages and follow-up possibilities.
Message management
The 7W solution provides marketers with an easy method of managing the messages they want to launch in social media, together with the links to the materials that are to be promoted.
Furthermore, users can use it very easily. With a single click, users can insert messages in their accounts opened on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc. as the system automatically provides shortened links.
Impact management
Through 7W, White Image is able to monitor the impact of social media messages and to identify the most active users who activate in this medium and are in the client/prospects database.
Follow-up possibilities
7W allows for the creation of segments for follow-up actions, for targeting users with the most active networks, users who have an account on one of the social networks or those who are able to involve their audience in a dialogue.
- the possibility to build a better relationship in social media, with the relevant users  for the company. Identifying, from the user’s list, those users who use social media and isolating them, together with the follow-up possibility, allow for building a dialogue through several communication channels
- improving the company’s exposure. Users who can share the content are provided with the ability to send messages to other target groups at minimum costs
- improving the marketing results by obtaining insights about the clients and their actions


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