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ON-DEMAND E-MARKETING PLATFORM - Before we offer you solutions, we indentify the problem  Andrei Georgescu, Managing Partner
Loyalty Program

The 20-80 rule, i.e. the rule suggesting that 20% of the customers generate 80% of the profit, applies and works in any business, and from this perspective, one should focus on the identification, maintenance, and creation of the most profitable relationship with the most valuable customers.
White Image combines the know-how acquired in more than 6 years of experience with the power of the analysis and management tools of the campaigns.

    •  Maintaining a history of the acquisitions: it allows for the identification of the most valuable customers  
    •  Maintaining a history of the actions: it allows for the identification of the who interact the most care with the emails and messages you send
    •  Combining the demographic data with the history of the acquisitions and of the actions in complex segments
    •  The ability to send relevant customized messages with the most suitable products  for each person  
    •  Performing a scoring-based analysis for each person
    •  The possibility to generate unique discount codes for each person, codes differentiated according to each customer’s value
    •  Data mining
    •  Sending birthday or anniversary messages
    •  Surveys for collecting as much information about each customer and providing targeted messages tailored to each person's interests

- keeping the most valuable customers
- increasing the profit generated by the most active customers  
- predictable results



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