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ON-DEMAND E-MARKETING PLATFORM - Before we offer you solutions, we indentify the problem  Andrei Georgescu, Managing Partner
Lead management

Generating qualified leads, prepared to purchase, in the current environment, is more difficult than ever. Using separate lead generation techniques no longer helps as in the past.

White Image offers a full series of functionalities able to generate leads lead and to turn them into loyal customers.


Lead generation
Generation leads by using targeted, customized campaigns, integrated with the management functionality of the campaigns.

Lead scoring
Consolidating information generated from multiple sources, consolidating this data related to previous acquisitions, demographic data, and behaviour-related data. To all these, strong lead analysis and scoring modules are added.

Lead nurturing
We are automating the marketing process which helps you to have a continuous and customized conversation with each person, from the lead stage to conversation, without any human intervention. The system allows for the creation of advanced communication logic and, furthermore, it also allows for the integration of data from various sources in order to deliver relevant information within each message, including behaviour-based information.

Lead routing
Integrating the system and routing leads towards the sales force, call-centre or various branches with a view of accomplishing business objectives.

Reporting and Analysis
Generating reports on the status of each lead, detailed on areas, branches and even on sales agent (if the case may be). Following the routes of customer who are to be visited by each agent (if the case may be). Analysing the changes in the status according to the behavioural data and ROI on each source.

Planning in advance the communication process and the business rules that generate messages and coordinating and scheduling the timetable for each area, branch or agent with the purpose of optimizing the conversion process. 


- decreasing costs by using a single platform which provides for the automation of communication and ensures the lead management
- the increase in receipts by acting promptly on classified leads and monitoring prospects until they are prepared to purchase


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