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Landing Pages

Landing pages represent a tool that can lead to the substantial increase of the conversion rates and to the improvement of the results.
- the possibility to create and administrate, from the White Image interface, the landing pages associated to each campaign, among others  
- advanced customization of the landing pages. The system allows for the advanced customization of landing pages at the one-to-one level. This means that, for each individual, the display landing page can be completely different based on the demographic data and on the acquisition history
- monitoring and reporting. It allows for the monitoring of the users’ actions, at the individual level right from the landing pages.
- real-time A/B testing and conversion rates – the landing pages displayed to each person can be different, and may lead to the landing pages which are able to generate the best conversion rates.
- improving conversion rates by using the A/B tests and the one-to-one customization
- increasing the generated incomes
- there is no need for other technical knowledge or cookies, and there are no other design technical restraints
- increasing the degree of socialization with the users by offering relevant messages even on the landing pages


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