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ON-DEMAND E-MARKETING PLATFORM - Before we offer you solutions, we indentify the problem  Andrei Georgescu, Managing Partner
Events management

Irrespective of the industry in which you are active, even if you do not own an online shop, there are moments when you want to give you clients the opportunity to shop easily, at an online level, or to take part into a contest or an event of some kind.
In this case, any marketer aims not only at implementing such a mechanism easily, but also at gaining the opportunity to generate long-term value, by identifying and rewarding the most valuable customers.
White Image offers you a full set of functionalities designed to allow for the reception of online orders for products and services or for signing-up for events. Most solutions provide an order form, but the White Image solution goes beyond that, by offering the possibility to generate proforma invoices and contracts, but also by identifying the customer who placed the order and by the real-time calculation of the discount granted based on the customer’s history and on other variables. Moreover, the system helps companies to track orders and registration for events easily, together with the payment status.
Customer identification
It offers many advantages related to the cross-selling opportunities and to the implementation of customer loyalty programmes.
Document generation
The automatic generation of proforma invoices and contracts corresponding to the purchase of a service or to the participation to events provides White Image clients with the advantage of reducing the human resources allocated to this process, as all the system is automated.
Lead management
Once a person has shown interest in a product or a service, by placing an order, the system allows for scheduling communication actions able to determine the finalisation of the conversion. For example payment notifications, thank-you and cross-sell messages, etc.
Organizational management
The capacity to generate messages related to the order status (delivered or not) concerning the progress of the event, messages related to the sign-up date, as well as post-event/post-order customer satisfaction polls.
Such messages are designed to create a relationship. The generated messages can be related to the account manager within the company who is in charge with each customer. Consequently, they will receive messages from the person they know within the company, thus contributing to the company growth.

- the decrease in the allocated human resources. This is due to the fact that the process is mainly performed automatically, and thus the in-house human resources allocated to this activity are significantly decreased.
- the improvement of the response rate. The automation of the message flow allows for the minimization of the abandonment rate. Furthermore, the cross-selling opportunities offer the most suitable products/services at the most suitable moment
- starting a customer loyalty programme. The advantage of keeping the history of a person’s orders contributes to the long-term implementation of customer loyalty programmes designed to allow for the management of discounts based on this history.


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