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ON-DEMAND E-MARKETING PLATFORM - Before we offer you solutions, we indentify the problem  Andrei Georgescu, Managing Partner
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Find out about innovative and effective solutions that White Image will provide to you. From the solutions offered for event management and lead management to data integration, landing page optimization and loyalty programs.
Account Alerts
Whether you must renew a contract, or a subscription has expired, even a customer’s identity card has expired, or if you must notify your customers for each operation they perform into their ...
Data analytics
Generally, collecting a large volume of data does not help in any way, if the data in question do not allow for making decisions based on them. The fact that two persons clicked on a link on the ...
Data Integration
Understanding customers does not only mean to listen to what they explicitly tell you, but also to interpret signals received from them. By integration, we understand that the effort must be ...
Engagement Marketing
Starting from the collection of leads, the monitoring of sources, and ending with designing one-to-one campaigns, customized landing pages and surveys, White Image provides a full set of ...
Event-Base Marketing
Companies usually focus on the identification of the most suitable customers for the most adequate offers, instead of focussing on the best offers for each customer. In order to be efficient, such ...
Events management
Irrespective of the industry in which you are active, even if you do not own an online shop, there are moments when you want to give you clients the opportunity to shop easily, at an online level, or ...
Landing Pages
Landing pages represent a tool that can lead to the substantial increase of the conversion rates and to the improvement of the results.   Characteristics   - the possibility to create ...
Lead management
Generating qualified leads, prepared to purchase, in the current environment, is more difficult than ever. Using separate lead generation techniques no longer helps as in the past. White Image ...
Loyalty Program
The 20-80 rule, i.e. the rule suggesting that 20% of the customers generate 80% of the profit, applies and works in any business, and from this perspective, one should focus on the identification, ...
Social media tracking & integration
Social media is viewed by many as a free of charge communication channel, because the tools provided for use do not cost anything. Furthermore, those who used these tools for the first time used them ...
Transactional Email
Transactional emails provide the significant advantage that they are always expected by those to whom they are sent, thus generating very high message open rates and click rates. Whether they are ...

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Effectively manage aspects of email marketing campaigns: list management, deliverability and analysis.
Noii abonati sunt cei care au probabilitatea cea mai mare de a genera vanzari. De aceea atragerea permanenta de noi leaduri devine un element critic pentru cresterea business-ului.
Monitor your campaigns ROI.
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