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Persuasion in email marketing

 Persuasion architecture, a theory developed by the two experts in optimizing conversion, Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg, is a marketing approach from the perspective of the customer’s personality. According to this theoretical model, If you know a customer’s “buying modality” (Competitive, Spontaneous, Methodical or Humanistic), you can tailor your design, copy and direct marketing to best persuade that type of personality.  To suggestively resume the four mental purchasing profiles, the two specialists associated them with a celebrity very well-known in the United States. We will see below the features of each profile and who this theoretical model can be applied into the email marketing strategy.

The 4 mental purchasing profiles are:

·     Competitive
·     Spontaneous
·     Methodical
·     Humanistic
A few characteristics for each type of buyer profile:

    ·     Likes to be the first to own a product – respond to new items, featured or best-sellers
    ·     Is Interested in facts and summaries about the product – without necessarily clicking on them
    ·     Does not like to “dig for” information
    ·     Uses search fields rather than the browser
    ·     Interested in cross-sell and up-sell offers, does not like to  click many times to find out more

    ·     Respond to promotions, sales, discounts, limited stock and time-limited offers
    ·     Respond to free overnight shipping (you can have it tomorrow)
    ·     Scans the page and clicks without thinking too much, as compared to other consumer profiles
    ·     Prefers to see the product in action (who the cloth looks on a person)
    ·     Interested in “how many” reviews there are
    ·     Interested in why other persons buy, may respond well to this type of cross-sale
    ·     Like product details, very thorough in researching a purchase
    ·     Like side-by-side product comparison to make a rational decision
    ·     Trust expert reviews – videos are especially helpful
    ·     May be sceptical of contests, free shipping and returns – what’s the catch? Will read the receipts every time

    ·     Cares what others have to say
    ·     Appreciates live chat support (or telephone service)
    ·     Forwards offers to friends, share their experience with the product in question
    ·     Will contribute to the content created by customers – will write reviews for example    
    ·     Looks for the perfect gift, uses wish lists

This taxonomy can be used to segment the list according to the buyer’s personality. You can apply segmentation rules according to the behaviour on site, such as according to how the customer chooses to sort the search results. For example, if a consumer chooses to see first what is new or what the most expensive products are, he or she can be a “competitive” buyer.  If that subscriber has an account on the site, you can put him/her in that segment and you can send him/her promotional emails in the future.

However, sometimes we have no information concerning the customer’s intention or personality. In practice, it is difficult to address to all the 4 buying profiles. It is not impossible though, as shown in Crutchfield’s newsletter.

This answers to the 4 buying profiles: for the “competitive” sections New Arrival, Top Seller and Customer Favorite better answer to need to save time. For the spontaneous type, purchasing due to an impulse, NL facilitates the purchase decision, by the star evaluation. The links to the buyer’s guides and other materials on the site are very good for the methodical ones, who want to educate themselves before buying anything. Links to reviews are very useful because the methodical buyers like to read most such materials. “Humanistic” buyers would appreciate star ratifications, the section “Customer Favourite” and the “call-to-action”.
And don’t forget: persuasion applies to each component of the marketing programme, so we can optimize both the consumer reviews and the subjects according to the  4 buying manners.
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