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EMAIL MARKETING BEST PRACTICES - Fortune favors the ones who learn
How to grow your database

E-mail marketing campaigns can be profitable for any sort of business, no matter what kind of service or product they provide. Nevertheless, success in email marketing depends on the quality and size of the database. If you create a database which is made up of the subscribers who trust the company and its expertise capacity, then your reply rates will rise considerably.

Whether you are just starting to collect data or you already have hundreds of thousands of contacts, managing a database is not an easy task. Addresses change, subscribers become inactive, and some of them cancel their subscriptions, in this way you lose about 20%-30% of the total of the list every year! Nevertheless, reduced quality lists waste thousands of Euros each year. Thus, investing a little in order to administer and increase the database helps always the investment to pay off and it increases the efficiency of email marketing campaigns.
Below there is a list of techniques which will help you to increase your list:
  • Include a subscription form anywhere you can identify potential clients.
The opportunity to sign up for NL (Newsletter) should be easily accessible from each page of your site, preferably in the form of a pop-up which will appear to those who have spent more than 10 seconds on the site, or those who return from the search engine after having looked up certain words. You must make sure that this pop-up is visible and it shows clearly what the visitors are signing up for. Don’t forget about the company blog and other less formal channels of communication. The blog is a very good channel for communicating with potential clients, so include forms in order to continue the conversations with your clients.
  • Stimulate subscriptions to NL
Make subscriptions to NL easier. At first you only need a name and an e-mail address. If you inquire about frequency or other preferences, be brief in order not to waste users’ time. Between the need not to ask the subscribers to give too much information at once and the need to collect as much information as possible from them, don’t forget that lack of information is a factor which limits segmentation subsequently.
Be clear, persuasive and honest about what the subscribers will receive and how they will benefit from the subscription. Include one or two quotations belonging to the clients who have already subscribed. Tell them how often they will receive NL. Add newsletter samples to the subscription forms, so that potential customers may form an opinion.
  • Make clear specifications about using personal data in order to reduce anxiety
Tell potential subscribers you respect their rights, by using data protection policies and act on this promise by providing a page giving details on this subject
  • Offer incentives for subscription
The most popular incentives are free articles and reports and, of course, VIP programmes or discounts.
  • Create a subscription page with sex appeal
Use a strong headline and a few tasty benefits in order to convince visitors to sign up. Entertain your visitors with a video or audio message where you will tell visitors why they should sign up, or use a subscriber as a NL ambassador.
  • Include testimonials on the subscription page
The consumers’ opinions on certain products or services may be the strongest conversion tools. Post one or two testimonials from satisfied clients on the subscription page.
  • Create an archive with past newsletters
The more informed potential clients are about what you provide them with, the more willing they are to open their e-mails.
  • Add subscription forms to blog up-dates
Place a subscription box on your blog in order to notify readers of the new postings. It will benefit you threefold: you will increase your database, you will strengthen your ties with the readers and you will draw more traffic to the blog.
  • Create opt-in boxes for all business messages
Create opportunities for newsletter subscription while potential clients fill in other forms. Use this occasion to bring to their notice the fact that there is a free newsletter. Think of all the types of forms you use in order to download whitepapers, produce demos or event recordings. Don’t forget about transactional emails, which also help us to increase subscription numbers.
  • Increase your list by using co-recordings
Co-recording is a good method for increasing your database. Post your ad for the newsletter or a link leading to it on other sites and those who visit them will be able to subscribe on the spot.
  • Use Google adwords campaigns
Google Adwords is a rewarding type of online campaign, because it brings fairly good results. So, it’s worth trying. You only have to make sure that the subscription form is always on the landing page.
  • Add your newsletter subscription link to the email signature
Ask everybody in your company to include a link in the signature. Start doing it yourself and monitor the results.
  • Promote your NL in every contact point with potential subscribers
Either you make a PowerPoint presentation or you hold a webinar, make sure that audience members and your associates for different project subscribe, by including a link to the NL subscription page.
  • Social media may be valuable collection sources
As they are user – friendly, Facebook, Twitter and other socialization networks may be used in order to invite users to subscribe to NL. It is preferable that the invitations are as less formal as possible and that they are included in contests running on the newsletters.
Use subscription forms each time you get in touch with potential clients and consumers. You may change the content or design and, if you make easier the subscription process, you will increase considerably your list of subscribers.


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