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INTRODUCING WHITE INTERACT SUITE - The future is an endless inspirational resource Carmen Nechita, Account Manager
Marketing automation

The essential in one-to-one communications are the relevant messages which are meant to make your clients open your email in the first place.

White Image offers you the best products for efficient and responsible email marketing in order for you to get the best deliverability and response rates that will result in acquisitions and, the most important thing, loyalty towards your brand.

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Real one to one marketing
We try to answer to questions such as:

What products is the customer looking for? We analyze what she browsed on the website & automatically add those products into an email and send it to it.

What products might the customer be interested in? If most of the persons of the same age and from the same city as the customer bought specific products we calculate the next buying product specific to her profile.

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Database growth tools
New subscribers are those that have the highest probability of generating sales. Therefore constantly attracting new leaduri becomes critical to business growth.
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