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EMAIL MARKETING BEST PRACTICES - Fortune favors the ones who learn
- Segmentation, Targeting & Email Personalization
- Email Marketing Strategy
- Indicators and Email Marketing Tests
- Social media strategy
- Trends and Tips
- Email Marketing Legislation
- Creation Email - Design, Copywriting & HTML Tips
- Delivery & ISP Relations
- Loyalty
- Development administration lists/databases
- Landing page optimization
Research and white papers
Inbox Review 2012. Evolutii in email marketing
INSIDE 2011, the 6th edition. 2010-2011 email marketing trends.
Engagement tactics in email - A conversation guide with your subscribers
Holidays in retail - email marketing guide
Inbox Review 2010 - The most utilized email clients in Romania
INSIDE 2010, the 5th edition. A complete analysis about the way the email messages were read in Romania in 2009
Inside 2007
Delivery Report 2006 - 2007
Inside 2008
Inbox Design Inside 2008 - study regarding email clients distribution used in Romania
INSIDE 2009 - the study analyzes the way newsletters have been read in 2008
Email Marketing Dictionary
Latest resources
Latest news
Latest studies
Generate qualified leads
Landing page optimization
Development administration lists/databases
Email Marketing Strategy
Creation Email - Design, Copywriting & HTML Tips
Segmentation, Targeting & Email Personalization
Delivery & ISP Relations
Indicators and Email Marketing Tests
Email Marketing Legislation
Trends and Tips
Social media strategy
Research and white papers
Effectively manage aspects of email marketing campaigns: list management, deliverability and analysis.
Noii abonati sunt cei care au probabilitatea cea mai mare de a genera vanzari. De aceea atragerea permanenta de noi leaduri devine un element critic pentru cresterea business-ului.
Monitor your campaigns ROI.
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