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Analytics services
Whenever you want to be efficient, you need more than just statistics, you need data based on which to be able to make a well-grounded decision.  The success of a campaign goes beyond simply measuring interaction, that is White Image focuses...
Strategic services
You may have probably read the studies about the high ROI's that email marketing can generate.  So what do you think your email programme misses in order to reach maximum efficiency?   White Image's strategy services are headed by...
Account management
We are working with the largest companies in Romania, with nearly any leader of all lines of business.  The experience that we have developed by working with these companies, and the implementation of complex campaigns are as many...
We have been at the very top in Romania for six years, in what concerns email marketing.  The expertise and known-how that we have acquired enable us to share the best email marketing practices, which - over the time - not only that generated...
Campaign services
Any email marketing campaign enjoys a number of facilities and functionalities that can insure its efficiency.  White Image will ensure a smooth campaign, from implementation and up to the outcome evaluation. •    the...
Deliverability services
Statistics suggest that 20-35% of the permitted emails never get into the Inbox. Most of them are delivered in the Junk folder or, worse, they are never delivered. It is not easy and not all of the emails get into the Inboxes of your subscribers,...
Creative services
We rely on your creativity.  We are professionals, and our professionalism is proven by the gold awards we obtained in the most prestigious email marketing competition in the world, MarketingSherpa.  Apart from international reputation,...
Data integration
If you want to understand your clients, then you need a picture of them, as complete as possible.  Information about clients comes from several sources and is often hard to collect and to manage.  What you need is a singular image about...

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Effectively manage aspects of email marketing campaigns: list management, deliverability and analysis.
Noii abonati sunt cei care au probabilitatea cea mai mare de a genera vanzari. De aceea atragerea permanenta de noi leaduri devine un element critic pentru cresterea business-ului.
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