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White Image premiata din nou international cu 3 premii la MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Awards 2014
White Image castiga 3 mentiuni de onoare la MarketingSherpa's Email Marketing Awards 2014 - cea mai importanta competitie internationala care premiaza eficienta in email marketing. Cele 3 premii au fost obtinute pentru clientii: Porsche Inter...
White Image premiata international la MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Awards 2013
White Image, companie specializata in optimizarea proceselor de comunicare prin email marketing, castiga premiul Silver la MarketingSherpa's Email Marketing Awards 2013 - cea mai importanta competitie internationala care premiaza eficienta in...
White Image face email marketing pentru Continental Hotels
Continental Hotels, cel mai important grup hotelier romanesc, alege White Image pentru a comunica prin email cu actualii si potentialii sai clienti, dar si pentru optimizarea procesului de colectare a contactelor noi. White Image va...
White Image incepe colaborarea cu una dintre cele mai apreciate echipe de specialisti in deliverabilitate din SUA, pentru a asigura cea mai buna rata de livrare in Inbox, in email marketing.
In prezent criteriile pentru livrarea unui email in Inbox, sau Spam, se schimba rapid: - Yahoo a decis sa nu mai ofere celor de la Return Path informatii legate de reputatia senderilor in reteaua Yahoo!, cu exceptia IP-urilor deja incluse in...
White Image comunica prin email cu clientii Hornbach
HORNBACH, unul dintre principalii retaileri locali de materiale de constructii si gradinarit", alege White Image pentru a comunica prin email cu actualii si potentialii sai clienti. Mesajele trimise de HORNBACH prin email se doresc a fi un...
White Image prezinta : Email Marketing Academy, editia a-II-a.
White Image provides email marketing services for X-Trade Brokers
White Image is working for the European Parliament
On 14th April 2011, White Image Loyalty Solutions, started the collaboration with the European Parliament Information Office. The agency, specialized in e-mail marketing, will manage a part of the...
Brand engagement - Email marketing Guide on how to involve your subscribers
If a few years ago, the simple email communication was successful, things changed dramatically in the present. Indeed, email remains the communication channel with the highest ROI - according to Direct Marketing Association, for every dollar...
Yellow Pages Guide in White Image's portfolio
We are very pleased to welcome a new leader who recently joined our portfolio of clients. We’re talking about  Yellow Pages, the market leader in Romania’s classified guidelines. The company chose us in order to develop a...
Holidays in retail - the retail email marketing guide on how to be successful during holidays
Every year, retailers are trying to fully exploit the opportunities offered by the winter holidays. Some succeed, some don’t. Email Marketing Guide "Holidays in retail" explores the practice of the most successful brands, indicates...
Inbox Review 2010 presents the new leaders of email clients used by the Romanian people
White Image team offers marketers, designers and those who are interested in email marketing, the latest study about the email clients situation in Romania – Inbox Review 2010. 250,038 unique email addresses were analyzed, out of which...
Email marketing solutions for White Image new client - Hostway Romania
In the beginning of this month, White Image signed a cooperation agreement with Hostway Romania, Romania’s largest hosting provider. White Image will manage the emailing activities for Hostway customers, as well as all related database...
The average open rate of Romanian emails increased by 20% in 2009, according to the White Image study, INSIDE 2010
We have reached the 5th edition of our INSIDE study. In INSIDE 2010 we analyze once again the Romanian people email reading habits and this time we’re talking about 114.087.292 emails monitored, which have been sent in 2009, representing...
Video in email - The new solution from White Image
You may have been tempted to insert videos in your emails on countless occasions, taking into account that the new generation is a consumer of online videos. The Nielsen research company reported a growth of 41% in the consumption of the video...
White Image launches 7w – the first tool that integrates email marketing with social media
White Image has recenlty launched a new tool that integrates email marketing with social media. It’s called 7w and: - Helps users run multiple strategies to integrate emailing with social media; - Enables users to share email content in...
eMAG alege solutiile de email marketing ale White Image
White Image offers email marketing for Quelle
White Image si Email Experience Council sprijina crearea de standarde in email marketing
White Image castiga cu Renault Romania distinctia Gold Consumer la premiile MarketingSherpa, cel mai mare eveniment de email marketing din lume
White Image - 5 ani de e-mail marketing in Romania
ProSport si White Image transmit fotbalul prin email
White Image comunica pentru dealerii SEAT din Romania
White Image a realizat primul instrument de validare in timp real a adreselor de email
White Image integreaza campaniile de email marketing cu Google Analytics si alte sisteme de monitorizare a traficului web
White Image sustine noile principii OTA de combatere a fraudelor si abuzurilor prin email
White Image prezinta Inbox Design Inside - studiul privind distributia clientilor de email utilizati in Romania
Gold, din nou pentru White Image si Renault, la cea mai mare competitie de email marketing din lume
White Image analizeaza peste 60 de milioane de emailuri trimise in 2008, in cel mai recent studiu, Inside 2009
White Image's success in Media&Advertising magazine
White Image extended its' partnership with Rackspace
White Image training in Carrefour
White Image relanseaza newsletterul ALTEX - Clubul Preturilor Mici
White Image lanseaza newsletterul Media Galaxy -Tehnologie si Diversitate.
White Image este singura agentie de e-mail marketing din Romania certificata international pentru bune practici
White Image lanseaza primul instrument de analiza pentru advertiseri
White Image si Email Experience Council sprijina crearea de standarde in email marketing
White Image gestioneaza actiunile de email marketing ale ING Asigurari de Viata si ING Fond de Pensii
White Image is certified on international level for good practices
White Image administrates the email communication policy for netBridge
White Image launches Media Galaxy newsletter
White Image and Habeas in the Romanian Financial Week
White Image publishes the study about the way the Romanian people read the newsletters in 2005
White Image forcast in the weekly magazine Capital
About marketing innovation in a supliment of the economic daily newspaper Ziarul Financiar
Qualians chose to work with White Image
Rackspace offers White Image a distinction for their partnership
World Business Forum 2005
Philip Kotler event - a success also for White Image
White Image sustains the main problem in email marketing
White Image at EMPRETEC seminar
Kotler in Romania event in collaboration with White Image
About high level differentiation in Cotidianul newspaper
White Image develops its loialty solutions
About leadership
About online brands
The most resent White Image study in Media&Advertising magazine
White Image, the first Romanian organization that offers loyalty services

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