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PASSION FOR EMAIL MARKETING - Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm
We were the first to bring the email marketing concept in Romania, back in 2003. We just wanted to show that email marketing was more than just mere email. Ever since that time, we have been speaking about what lies behind an email and, above all,...
Our clients, to whom we provide our services, are leaders in their fields of activity: banking/financial, consulting/training, FMCG, publishing, auto, retail, tourism, NGO, events, IT, media&advertising etc.
We were awarded by the most prestigious email marketing competition in the world - MarketingSherpa  2013 – Silver in Best Email List Growth Strategy category for Noriel "This year’s award winners were selected from a very...
We are leaders, because we are: •    The first company in Eastern Europe to have been certified for good practice in the email marketing business; •    The first and only Romanian company that is involved...

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Effectively manage aspects of email marketing campaigns: list management, deliverability and analysis.
Noii abonati sunt cei care au probabilitatea cea mai mare de a genera vanzari. De aceea atragerea permanenta de noi leaduri devine un element critic pentru cresterea business-ului.
Monitor your campaigns ROI.
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